Robert Bickers

About me

I’m Robert. A software engineer working in Cambridge.

This is my space on the web for projects I’ve created, tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years, and more generally as a place to share what ever else I’m interested in.

I started my journey into computing at around 13, creating what I can only assume were terribly designed skins for a website called Bebo and selling them online - then stepping quickly into web development where I got hooked on programming and making things appear on a screen.

I graduated in Computer Science at Anglia Ruskin University in 2014 and have been working as a .NET developer ever since, always in diverse domains in what ever technology suited the requirement best at the time.

I’m also one of those productivity nerds who when not working, can be found exploring ways to work more efficiently and with less friction. This led me to the development of a now defunct web-app and research based scheduling algorithm. - more updates on that coming soon


You can find my projects on GitHub with some honourable mentions being:

  1. Twaddle - A .NET library for generating dummy data from an injectable dictionary
  2. Rapid Umbraco Converter - An Umbraco Backstage Plugin for converting static site templates into full, rich CMS based websites with minimal developer effort


These are the things I use every day to get things done

  • Coding: Rider, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
  • UX Design: Figma
  • Notes: Agenda
  • Scheduling: Sorted3 + Fantastical
  • Task Manager: Sorted3


  • PC: Macbook Pro 2020
  • Peripherals:
    • HHKB Silent Hybrid
    • Logitech MX Master Mouse
  • Monitor: 49” Phillips Super Ultrawide

Want to get in touch?

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